Recreational fencing lessons in sport and historical fencing

Everyone, regardless of age, height or weight can try this exciting discipline. Fencing can provide you a very interesting form of leisure that is a genuine european tradition of the past centuries. With each lesson you can delve into the secrets of this fascinating world, learn new skills and meet interesting people who share your passion.

Whether you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of fencing, or fluently speak the language of the blade and would like to know more about the historical weapons we have something for you!

  • Sport fencing - fencing course for people who make their first steps in this fascinating sport, or returning to it after a long break.
  • Historical Fencing - fencing course with replicas of historical weapons based on the historical nature of the weapons such as a smallswords,a sabres, or rapiers.
  • Individual fencing lessons- fencing course run by the coach for one person, with a vide selection of weapons
  • Fencing workshops and lectures about the history and theory of fencing- fencing events for those who can't train regularly and would like to learn fencing to practice on one's own.

Interesting classes, coaches speaking fluent english and friendly atmosphere will certainly make it a rewarding experience

Contact us and select a course that fits your skills and schedule.