Sabre Fencing Camp 2012

Have you ever yearned for a fencing camp in a beautiful scenery, great cuisine and a professional SPA at your service? Have you ever duelled in the halls of a prussian lake resort?

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Fencing equipment and fencing events throughout Europe.

Speed, agility and precision are the basic objectives of a fencer. It can not be achieved without reliance on professional equipment, equipment and knowledge.

We offer teaching of sport and historical fencing alike. You can choose from a variety of fencing events - from workshops, through seminars to individual lessons. All of it can be done in your country - we can travel wherever we're requested within the Shengen zone and even outside of it.

We are a distributor of the superb quality Leon Paul London fencing equipment. We operate directly in the city of Szczecin, Poland;  we do mail-order distribution throughout Poland and the neighbouring countries