X-Change FIE Foil Mask Price: 208.00 £
"The X-Change mask is the best mask in the world." Two time Olympic Gold medallist Mariel ZagunisWhy do top fencers think that X-Change masks are the best in the world?
  • Cleaner
    The X-Change system allows all the fabric parts to be completely removed from the Stainless steel shell and washed. This keeps your mask clean and fresh.

  • Lighter
    By utilising the lightest strongest materials and removing unnecessary metal it is much lighter than standard masks making it more comfortable.
  • Cooler
    The removal of excess padding unnecessary parts of the bib mean that airflow through the mask has been increased by up to 75% compared to some competitors masks. For the ultimate in cooling please see the ice® padding upgrade.

  • X-Change
    The bib can be slid out of the mask which means not only can you wash it monthly or replace it every few seasons but you can also have a range of different bibs for different occasions. For example you can use a black coaching bib when giving a lesson exchange it for a white epee bib and then swap that for a lame Foil bib.

  • Foil Bib
    A layer of our electrically conductive lightweight silver lame has been added to the bib. This conforms with the latest FIE rules for the new foil target area. We use 4 layers of the lame for the tab used to attach the electric mask wire, this is for the best connection and the highest durability. The lame is also washable and due to the high concentration of silver is anti-microbial keeping it fresh.
    *If you want to be able to use the same mask for electric Epee, you can order the Epee X-Change bib (ref: 280CXB)

No need for two separate masks if you want to fence foil and epee  - with a spare foil/epee bib you can switch between weapons in a matter of seconds!

Additional spare epee bib +40 GBP

Coloured mesh +10GBP

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