London Range FIE Jacket Price: 356.00 £
This uniform is quite simply the best that money can buy! It is fully FIE compliant and 800 Newton rated. Made from the very best two way stretch fabric that is available today it really does stretch rather than just having a little give in it. The material is pure Titanium white rather than the off white or even yellow that many stretch uniforms are these days. Most importantly it is very thin at a mere 1.3mm compared to up to 2 mm for some other stretch materials so it gives you fantastic freedom of movement whilst remaining light and breathable. They are lined with a stylish grey contrasting ice® dry layer. ice® is in fact much more than a wicking material it has an inner transport layer and then an outside wicking layer bonded into one thin lightweight material. The inner layer transports the moisture away from your skin to the outside layer where the wicking material quickly spreads it out so it has a large surface area and can evaporate quickly. This means that your skin always feels dry and your uniform dries as quickly as possible. The lining is also treated with Microsan, an anti microbial treatment which helps kill the bacteria that make clothes smell bad so your uniform stays fresher for longer.
  • 800N FIE certified.
  • Full two way stretch.
  • Sporting cut
  • Machine washable.
  • lined with ice® dry layer fabric.
  • lining treated with Microsan, an anti microbial treatment.
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