Etoile steel blade Price: 24.00 £
Etoile blades are made from steel with a low carbon content and are heat treated to finish springy and resilient. These have a fantastic life span and if you are looking for a durable blade this is an excellent choice.
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Carbon Fibre FIE epee Price: 223.00 £
Carbon Fibre FIE epee
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Z-Pro Maraging sabre Price: 155.00 £
Z-Pro Maraging sabre
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Epee bodywire Price: 22.00 £
Leon Paul Bodywires have a wealth of features that make them superior to those made by other manufacturers.
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Bayonet bodywire Price: 23.00 £
Bayonet Bodywire Product Ref: F40 Price: £16.65 (£19.98 Inc. VAT @ 20%) Share on facebook Share on print Share on digg Share on google More Sharing Services 0 VideoDescriptionSpecifications Leon Paul's Bodywires are made from the highest possible quality copper wire and have a wealth ...
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Ultralight titanium epee point - rewiring set Price: 30.00 £
This ultralight weight epee barrel is made from solid titanium meaning the weight is reduced by 44% to just 2.3g. A weight saving of only a few grams doesn't sound like much but it makes a stunning difference to the performance of a blade.
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